My story

"Hi , let me introduce myself. I am originally a pharmacist from Egypt, now based in Vienna, Austria. I am married to a lovely women and have three boys. I worked in Saudi Arabia for 8 years, moved up in my carrier through many positions in big pharmaceutical companies, mainly in the marketing positions but I always knew that something is missing. I speak English, German (not so fluent) and Arabic. Photography has been and still is my hobby. I always stop to take photos, even without my pro-camera. I believe man should record the moment, you can call me PHOTO-holic. I decided to take my hobby to the next level, to follow my dream and to leave the secured job and start my own business with my lovely camera. Alfred Eisenstaedt once said “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” and I believe this is what I am doing. You cannot imagine how I feel when I see the look on the people's faces after seeing their photos, this moment for me is priceless.... I just feel happy. I am not the best photographer in the world, But I know what i am doing and the most important thing it is not my job, it is MY PASSION."





“It was such an amazing time that I shared with Amr in beautiful Vienna! It was my first shooting with traditional Austrian clothes and I was not sure if I would feel comfortable with it but Amr does everything possible to make you feel good and all in all it was real fun! He is so friendly and extremly helpful with all kind of tipps, as well very knowledgeble about the city and its history- what more can a tourist want?! He showed me places that I wouldn’t have found by myself and also he already had places in mind where I could change my normal clothes with the beautiful Autrian dress- which is even more beautiful than I thought, In completly new condition, intense colour and even I could choose between blue or a pink one (both look really great!) Walking trough the city with it was real fun-everyone looks at you and smiles and shows joy when they see you dressed like that :D I got the fotos really quickly after that and I can say this are some of the best fotos that I at all have! I would recommend this shooting to everyone visiting the city because it was much more than experience- it was an amazing unforgettable memory! Thank you Amr for everything that you did- I really appreciate it and hope we can have some more unique shots one day again! :))”



“Amr was very friendly, easy to work with, and professional. He has extensive experience and a true passion for photography, responded quickly to all inquiries, sent me the photos promptly after the shoot, and even followed up to ask if there were any that I would like to be edited. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and am really happy with all the terrific photos and memories of Vienna that I have been left with. This has truly been a highlight of my stay here in Vienna, and I would highly recommend booking a session with him on your next trip to Vienna!”



“First of all it was my first trip to Australia. I had 14 hours layover so I decided to book some experiences. Originally the tour was from 9am -11am, I message Amr if he would mind if I arrive late since my flight is schedule to arrive 8:30am. He change the tour time to accommodate my schedule. When I arrive VIE he kept communicating if I would be able to find my way around Vienna. The walking in the park is lovely experience and his photographer skills are exceptional. We walked around the park while Amr tell me some history of the palace. He showed me how the transit system works and send me screenshot of how to get to my destination. This tour is exceeded my expectation. I highly recommended for ANYONE who visiting Vienna. I for sure will book the experience with Amr again when my husband join me next time. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.”



“What an amazing day I had with Amr. I am beyond happy to have booked this experience. He took lots of amazing shots, and in some hidden places in the garden of the palace. He conducts himself in a very professional and friendly manner. Such a delightful person to spend a couple of hours with, and the bonus is that you end up with some amazing photos to keep as forever memories of visiting beautiful Vienna. Also bringing along snacks and drinks was such a thoughtful, and nice gesture. He also spent time giving useful information about the city, and tips on where to go, what to see, where to eat. Today and this shoot has been the highlight of my trip. I now have some nice photos to look back at, and have made a good friend. Highly, highly recommend this experience to anyone from families to couples to solo travelers like me. Thank you Amr for such a great day. 10 stars.”



“This was such a fun experience! If you are visiting Schönbrunn, Amr acts as not only your photographer, but also gives you a local's perspective on Vienna. He gave us great information on how to save money using public transportation, a history lesson about the royal family, some Viennese pastries and all the while made us feel super comfortable and relaxed. He knows all the nice, less-crowded spots and angles to take the best photos. His technique is also super creative! We requested some standard couple shots and also got some really cool abstract ones as well that I love! He really knows how to work with his clients to get the types of shots they would like. He takes special requests for photos. We brought along Champagne and wanted a shot of us popping it open. As soon as we told him the idea, he had the perfect spot in mind. He also sped up the speed on his camera and the shots turned out so cool with a beautiful background of the palace. This was one of my favorite days in Vienna! : )”



“Amr, thank you very much for everything today! Clearly you are extremely talented. We are very lucky to have had you to capture a very special moment in our lives! Amr has a very welcoming personality that allowed us to feel comfortable and at ease during the photoshoot. He was knowledgeable and provided us with local “hot spots”. Best of all, he is an exceptional-one of a kind- photographer. We can definitely say that we recommend Amr’s experience 100%! Thank you for everything!”



“"I was excited about the idea from the beginning and it turn out to be one of the best experience I had. Amr is great photographer, who makes every location something special. We combined good time and hard work together. Thanks to Amr I have amazing photos with my friends now. I definitely recommend everybody to put their memories on photos with Amr."”



““I contacted Amr to take some photos of me. Even if I never did this before, didn’t have an idea of a location/poses, when to smile or not, his advice and work resulted in some beautiful pictures. I think he is very creative and flexible, which helped me a lot in finding a good combination of time/location for both of us. I will definitely recommend Amr to my friends, family and co-workers.””



“Tive uma boa experiência com o Amr. Nunca tinha feito. Uma sessão fotográfica que aconselho. Podes conjugar fotografia e desfrutar de bons momentos em locais fantásticos ou até em eventos privados de forma relaxada. Ele é 100% profissional e divertido. Aproveitem a oportunidade de ter fotos de família, de grupos ou mesmo individuais.”



“Ich danke für die wunderbaren Fotos. Es war ein schönes Erlebnis, bei dem ich mich wohl gefühlt habe. Amr ist ein guter Fotograf, denn er kennt sich gut mit den besten Plätzen und den Stellungen aus. Nachdem ich die Fotos gesehen habe, war ich begeistert, wie schön sie geworden sind. Ich bin mit allen Fotos zufrieden. Meiner Meinung nach ist Amr ein guter Fotograf. Ich kann jedem Amr als Fotograf empfehlen.”



“Having a photo shooting with Amr was really something special. You can see that he is ambitious passionate and he always seeking to underline the inner beauty of his “models”. It was a great pleasure to work with Amr. I am happy that I have now amazing photos with friends. I definitely would recommend him and his work to my friends.”


What are your rates ? You can send me an enquiry for full details.

How should I pay you ? Cash and bank transfer are both accepted.

Can I cancel my booking ? Yes you can but be kind to inform me at least two days before the event.

Where will the photo shooting take place ? You can freely choose the location or I can also recommend some places.

How do I get my pictures ? You will receive a link to download all your pictures , and also you can have your photos on DVD (for an additional cost).

When is the right time to book ? Usually two weeks ahead is enough for making the booking.

When do I get my pictures ? All the pictures are going through light and color editing process, so it my take from one week up to three weeks to get the pictures ready (based on the number of pictures).

How many pictures do we get ? Based on the time of the session but usually for 2 hours session you receive 40-50 high resolution printable pictures.

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